Below are a few questions that I've received over the years regarding my work and products.

What is a Giclée?

The majority of my prints are available as Giclées. Giclées (pronounced "ghee-clay"), is a French word meaning to "spray ink". All of my Giclées are reproduced on acid free, 100% Archival Rag Watercolor Paper, and are 425 g/m by weight. They are printed with archival dyes and are light fast guaranteed for 200 years. All are signed and consecutively numbered. 

What are the mat colors?

I use high quality archival mats for all of my paintings. The available colors are:

  • Yellow or Sunflower
  • Cavalry Red
  • Oyster
  • Electric Blue
  • Grass Green

The Aluminum Giclée below the mat colors shows an example of an Electric Blue outer mat and a Sunflower inner mat.

What are Aluminum Giclées Panels?

Something brand new, my archival dye Giclées are now also on aluminum panels cut to the size I want for different products. The color is amazing, with durability that lasts, no fading up to 115 degrees in the hot sun. 

A preperaration is administered to each panel that includes a permanent sticky substance that when applied under 2700 pounds of pressure at 1700 degree’s the Giclée becomes fast and permanent, plus extremely durable. 

What type of painting techniques do you use?

I paint only with Acrylics on Linen Canvas and you would call my style: Realism with a Contemporary flair. 

The, "border within border" style is all painted directly on the canvas and the only measuring that I do is at the corners. The line work is all done with a paintbrush and all freehand. No ruler is used. 

My sketching technique is very simple, with a few placed focal points here and there and then I use the canvas as my palette, in which to directly mix my paints. As a rule all my work is only painted from memory with very few exceptions and done with many layers of different colors, one on top of the other.